Onboard Camera Guide

Here we have tried to provide some helpful advice for using helmet cameras or onboard cameras.



General Advice


- Before Filming

Ok it sounds silly but one of the most common problems when making videos is people simply forget about the batteries! With worn out batteries you've got no power and therefore your filming is going nowhere! An easy solution to the battery issue is to use a new set every time but that's costly, rechargeable's are much more cost effective if you have them. You may also wish to consider purchasing one of our rechargeable XPower Packs, they use a lithium cell and are much lighter than conventional batteries too.



- After Filming

Ok so you've done your filming and you're back home, now what? Once you've got the files off the DVR and on the computer you'll want play them and to do this you'll need the right codecs. Codecs are a computer language for video and chances are you'll have the right ones installed already. If you don't though download and install this handy codec pack:


Free Video Codecs


Its free! Make sure you download the 'FULL' pack as this includes a video player too for viewing your files.


Ok so now you can play your files but perhaps you want to edit them? If you do then we recommend 'Windows Movie Maker' or 'Adobe Premier'. Depending on what video editor you use you may need to convert the video file you made on the DVR into a different format. For this job we've found a cracking bit of software which again is free! You can download 'Any Video Converter' here:


Free Video Converter





Power Supply


- Camera

All cameras purchased from us are supplied with a battery box. This should be loaded with good batteries which will power the camera, we recommend Duracell M3. If use your helmet camera more than a few times a year you may find it better to use our rechargeableXPower lithium battery pack. It's almost half the weight of the loaded battery box and over a season will workout much cheaper too.



Since launching our DVRs we got many emails asking how they could be powered on the move once the battery runs down, initially we had no real solution.

..We then introduced the 5v Power Adapter! This great bit of kit allows you to drop the voltage from the camera battery pack (XPower) or a direct 12v supply to a safe 5v for the DVR. This will charge the DVR on the move and allow you to record for much longer!






Some of our mounts are quite tight fitting and often benefit from soaking in a little hot water for 30 seconds before inserting the camera for the first time. The hot water will make the plastic mounts a little more flexible and allow them to stretch if required. Mounts that benefit from this are Suction Mounts, Twister Mount, Ratchet Mount and the Handle Bar Mount.



Official Guide and Setup Sheet Downloads


The below are instructions and quick start guides for many current products and some older models.

The setup photographs are shown only as a guide for what can be done, many variations are possible allowing you to design your perfect configuration.

Various cameras can also be substituted in place of those depicted.


If you would like to upgrade your system to include extra cameras see our discounted Add-on Packages.



Single Camera Packages:

Special Packages:

Action Ready Package with DV1 *

Two Camera ARP w/ Mini Switch

Action Ready Package with DV2 *

Multi-camera ARP w/ Quattro Processor

Action Ready Package with DV3 *

Action Ready Package with DV4

ARP Pro with DV4

*package discontinued









Power Equipment:

Car/Bike Power Kit DV1/2/3

12V Regulator Configuration

Car/Bike Power Kit DV4

If there is a guide you would like that is not above please contact us.




Motorcycle Camera Setup Guide



In Car Camera Setup Guide



Bullet Camera / Helmet Camera Info



Check back soon for more top tips!





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