Bullet Camera Helmet Camera Info Guide

Our equipment is usually based on the following principle:


wired or wireless connection

Mini Camera

Viewing Monitor and/or Digital Video Recorder


- Mini Camera - lightweight, stealthy, easy to fit.

- Viewing Monitor - live image from the camera.

- DVR - live image aids setup. record video in digital format.


Add-on's / accessories

Additional cameras, multiple power options, wide range of mounts & accessories.




Bullet Cameras, Car & Bike Cameras Summary


What's it all about?



4Kam offers a range of the best bullet camera equipment to suit the needs of both sports enthusiasts and TV production personnel alike. We've been working with mini bullet cams and onboard cameras for many years so we know just what it is you're looking for. Almost all 4Kam products are our own design and specification so you can be sure its just right for the job. Among our selection of products are our range of 'Action Ready Packages' which are ideal if your looking for a complete kit. We also want you to get the best from your camera so we stock a wide range of accessories too.


The following text will explain a little more about what to look for when buying a helmet camera. Although it will be referred to as a Helmet Cam, it is in fact the same technology as used Bike Cameras, Car Camera, Head Cams, In Car Cameras and Onboard Cameras too.




How does a Bullet Camera Work?



Put simply a bullet camera is effectively an 'eye'. For the eye to be able to remember what it sees you need a 'brain'! Now we don't sell brains exactly but what we do offer is a mini recording device, our DVR. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder)is connected via a cable to the helmet cam, the DVR will record what the cam sees.


There are a number of alternative recording devices that you could use as anything with an analogue input (av-in) will actually work. Check our list of compatible camcorders that offer AV-in here. It's important though (especially if you are doing extreme sports) that the recording device you use is a 'solid state' recorder. If it isn't the recording may get corrupted should the device be subjected to vibration. For more information on this check out our FREE BULLET CAMERAS GUIDE.




Why is the bullet camera separate from the DVR?



Your camcorder has both the 'eye' and 'brain' in the same device doesn't it? We could do this with a bullet cam too but it would be larger and heavier making it hard to mount on your head or the chain stay on your bike for mirror on your car for example. By keeping them separate the bullet cam can be small and light making it not only easier to mount but less likely to get damaged in an accident. If you are unlucky enough to crash you won't lose the footage of your 'wipe out' as as you might with an all in one device. This is because only the bullet cam is exposed in the firing line, the DVR will be safely tucked elsewhere out of harms way keeping the video of your big 'off' safe!




4K Crash Replacement Policy



Why are ours the best bike cameras? Well if you have an accident using your 4Kam Car Camera or 46Kam Bike Camera which causes it to be damaged beyond repair you won't have to pay the full price for a new one! Just contact us and we will arrange to supply you a like for like replacement bullet cam at just 50% of the RRP. Its unlikely you'll ever need this as Bill Callister will demonstrate but it is worth bearing in mind!




Bill Callisters guide to Track Days





Bill Callister tried his best to write off his 46Kam Bike Cam at Cadwell but with little success - Here's what Bill said!


"I had a big off while using your bike camera at Cadwell. I was amazed that it all stood up to the hammering it got. The bike cam and DVR are still intact and useable."

Bike Camera - Cadwell Crash


4Kam Car Cam and Bike Cameras - What's on offer?


4Kam Helmet Cameras & Onboard In Car Cameras



There is now a 4Kam in use on every continent around the globe. We're quite proud of that, plus it means we must be doing something right! By selling more of a small range (but of the most popular equipment) it means we can get it just right and at a lower price for you too!





46Kam Bike Cameras




The 46Kam Bike Cam is our special edition camera for bikers. The 46Kam uses the same high specification chipset as the 4Kam and is housed in the tough aluminum case. The difference between the two is that the 46Kam comes with special edition graphics in a Rossi-esque design making it that bit more special!


Special Bullet Cameras



Along with the best car cameras and bike cams we offer a number special cameras including wide angle, zoom and super high res cams. These are available for use within the TV industry and to video professionals alike.


Best Car Cameras & Bike Cam Packages



To make things nice and easy we have put together a number of packages which include the most popular products. Although we've tried to simplify things for novice buyers that doesn't mean the equipment isn't top notch. Our Action Ready Package is popular worldwide and has a number of prestigious clients too including the BBC and Formula One.



Car Bullet Cam Action Ready Package™



The Action Ready Package is an all-inclusive ready to use helmet or car camera kit. It includes a helmet bullet camera, mini DVR and free microphone kit. The ARP is available with both 4Kam Helmet Cameras and 46Kam Bike Cameras.



Bike Cam Switcher Action Ready Package™




Same as the ARP above but with 2 cameras and a switch box. This means you can change between the cameras at the click of a button. The Switcher ARP is available with both 4Kam Helmet or Car Cameras and 46Kam Bike Cameras.





Special Packages



The above packages are car cam and bike cam kits which are applicable for most disciplines. We also do a number of more specialist onboard in car camera and helmet camera packages including the 2 below:



in Car Camera ARP - RACE



Special package for race and rally drivers. Includes 4Kam In Car Camera, Mini DVR, Custom Rollbar/Rollcage mount, 12v Vehicle DC hookup and Microphone Kit. The DVR can also take an audio feed from intercom.



Ski Cam - Helmet Cam Action Ready Package - SNOW



Special edition Ski Camera package for winter sports. Includes 4Kam Helmet Camera, mini DVR, High Gain Microphone and a choice of head strap or goggle mounts.



Car and Bike Cam Accessories




If you need extras for your onboard camera such as a different car camera mount or a bike cam dc power supply then we have most things you could need, just check out what's on offer.




Team 4Kam



If you use one of our in car cameras or onboard cameras then you're already a member of Team 4Kam, just email us your photo and we'll put you in the gallery! If you could send us some car cam or bike camera footage too or a link to where we could find some you've made that would be better still!



4Kam Bullet Camera System Sponsorship



If your looking for a car camera for use in the nationals, an onboard camera to use in your championship or perhaps a bike cam for your charity trip then you may have a good case for 4Kam sponsorship. We do get many requests so please be patient!





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