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Bike Camera Microphone Kit - Low Gain

4K Microphone Kit


Our cameras do not have a microphone built in as wind noise could be a problem depending on where the camera is positioned. Therefore if you want to record sound you'll need a microphone. Our 4K Microphone kit includes everything you'll need add sound to your video footage.


Get this free! A 4K Mic Kit is now supplied free of charge with any purchase that includes a camera!

£18.99 + P&P

Helmet Camera Microphone Kit - High Gain

High Gain Microphone


If you want to record low level sounds then you might need our High Gain Mic Kit. Activities such as skiing and mountain biking will benefit from this microphone. You can also use it inside your helmet to give a running commentary!


It's capable of picking up a much quieter input sound than our regular 4K Mic Kit and works on a unidirectional basis.


The HG Mic is supplied as standard with our ARP Snow and ARP Cycle camera packages.

£22.99 + P&P

Bike Camera Microphone Kit - Power

Power Microphone (Low Gain)


If you have a loud powerful engine or an exhaust that sings a high note you probably want our Power Microphone. The Power Mic is optimized for recording sound from your noisy toy to give you great audio without distortion, be it a super bike or high performance racing car.


The Power Mic is supplied as standard with our ARP Bike and ARP Race camera packages.

£22.99 + P&P

Rally Car Camera HiLo Microphone Kit - Adjustable

HiLo Adjustable Microphone


If you're not sure which microphone will best suit your needs then our HiLo Microphone may be the answer.


It's adjustable meaning it can change its sensitivity so its able to act as either a 'high gain' or a 'low gain' microphone. This is especially ideal if you take part in a number of different activities such as skiing and motorcross!


On its 'Low Gain' setting it can pretty much be adjusted down to 0 so no matter how loud your motor it can cope!

£27.99 + P&P

Bullet Camera Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam


If you have lost your microphone windshield or would like to reduce any audio distortion our acoustic foam should do the trick.


The high density acoustic foam is self adhesive and can be positioned over the microphone head to remove any wind buffeting and reduce distortion. Its supplied in a strip capable of covering a few microphones or can be doubled up if desired.

£4.99 + P&P

Helmet Camera Microphone - Stereo Adapter

Microphone Stereo Adapter


Our packages which come with one microphone are only able to record mono, one channel audio.

If you want to record stereo sound, ie dual channel audio then you can purchase a second microphone or use this handy stereo adapter.


Use of the stereo adapter enables both audio channels to record sound and therefore tends to produce a better overall video.

£4.99 + P&P

Onboard Camera Pre-Amplifier (peltor rally preamp)

4K Pre-Amplifier


A pre-amp is a device designed to increase the audio level required for line-in. This means that if you have a microphone or other audio accessory where the volume output needs increasing this device will do it for you! This is especially popular for people with Peltor and Stilo intercom systems or radio mics.

This Pre-amp is very easy to use with a simple ON/OFF switch and can boost a single audio feed in stereo or 2 mono audio feeds. It can be powered from either a 9v battery or directly from your vehicle using a 12v connection.

£28.99 + P&P


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