RailCam LIVE! - Wireless Train Video Camera System

RailCam Live model railway railroad train camera


Wireless train camera

Live pictures from the train!



Watch from everywhere trackside!



Micro mini video camera model train

See it from every angle on 00 or HO!



Wireless Cab ride Video camera model train

RailCam Live - Wireless Micro Video Train Camera for models


Ever wanted to get a scale view of what it would be like for a passenger or worker on your railway? Perhaps you'd like a live video feed from onboard one or more of your trains? Maybe you'd like a camera inside a tunnel to see the train pass through safely? Whatever your desire RailCam Live most likely has the solution!


RailCam Live is a mini camera system that is designed for use on model railway layouts of all scales (a minimum of 00 or HO gauge is usually required to mount the camera on the train). The system can feature up to 4 live cameras, either hard wired or battery powered depending on your requirement.


The RailCam cameras have a rechargeable battery inside so are totally portable. The video is transmitted wirelessly and the live picture can be shown on your own TV or the RailCam Viewer. The system can be used on all sizes of layouts but when the distance is over 20m (65ft) from camera to receiver be aware that the picture may be effected temporarily by objects such as tunnels or other large structures.




RailCam Live model railway railroad train camera layout positions



Person View

By placing the RCL camera on and around your layout you can get a real flavour of what it would be like to sit at the level crossing as your chosen train comes thundering through or what the view would be like standing at the end of the platform or up above the tunnel. Immerse yourself in life on your own layout, the camera has a rechargeable battery inside so its totally portable and can be placed anywhere!


Train rider

Want to get the drivers eye view as your train shunts those wagons or pulls the express? Place the RCL camera on the train and you'll be able to see a live video from it as your locomotive arrives in the station or heads over the viaduct! You can simply place it on a flat truck or create a special camera truck by building it into one your of engines or some rolling stock. Another great view is to set 2 trains at the same speed, mount the camera rear facing on the first train and film the second train trying to catch it all the way around the layout!


Loco moments and positioning

If you are running a large layout with hidden areas then a live video feed can be useful to see what is happening elsewhere. You can run up to 4 cameras at once using RailCam Live so this allows you to cover most areas, a camera showing the fiddle yard and any sidings is a popular use, as is positioning one or more cameras inside tunnels. The 'Tunnel' version of our RailCam Live camera makes this possible as it can see in the dark with Night Vision!



RailCam Camera

- Miniature camera (70mm x 21mm x 21mm)

- Wireless video transmission

- 1.5 hour running time (rechargeable)


- Choice of 2 options as below.


Although the complete camera is too large for N gauge it can be dismantled and have the circuit board/battery and lens fitted into rolling stock or similar if desired.


Wireless Cab ride Video camera model train
Model railroad video camera wireless
Model railway video camera fiddle yard

RailCam - live cab ride camera

RailCam - model world view

RailCam - fiddle yard camera


Tunnel camera on model railway video camera in tunnel

Tunnel RailCam Live Camera

Tunnel RailCam Live Camera


The Tunnel RailCam Live camera is a special version that can see in the dark and hence can see everything that's happening inside a tunnel! Any area without enough light for a colour image is shown in black and white as in image left, areas with enough light are shown in colour as can be seen outside the tunnel mouth.


The Tunnel RailCam emits a special light enabling it to see in the pitch black so whatever your tunnel, this will give you a live video feed of what is happening inside, so if something is uncoupled, off the rails or just stuck you will know about it!


You can use one or more Tunnel RailCam Live cameras on the same layout up to a maximum of four.


2 ways to Watch!


Watch model train camera live on TV
RailCam Live Train camera viewer


Simply connect the RailCam Live receiver to your own TV using the supplied RCA/Phono connector plug. Set your TV to the av channel and your models will be live on your TV!


Also includes power supply for receiver.



RailCam Live Viewer

Simply turn on the viewer and watch your models on the screen. Viewer comes with a handy stand so you can place it anywhere on the layout. Can also record videos on to a memory card for playback on computer!


Best if you have more than one camera as the viewer has a button to quickly change between your different RailCams.


RailCam Live - Railway Video Camera System


RailCam Live model railway railroad train camera wireless


Single Camera RailCam Live

Single Camera RailCam Live system.



1 x RailCam Live Video Camera

1 x RailCam Cam charger/power supply

Choice of receiver, TV or RailCam Viewer

1 x RailCam Instructions


£169.99 + P&P


Receiver Type:





RailCam Live - Tunnel Video Camera System


Tunnel RailCam Live model railway railroad train camera


Single Camera Tunnel RailCam Live

Similar the to single camera system above but with the Tunnel RailCam Live camera unit.



1 x Tunnel RailCam Live Video Camera

1 x Tunnel RailCam charger/power supply

Choice of receiver, TV or RailCam Viewer

1 x RailCam Instructions


£169.99 + P&P


Receiver Type:





RailCam Live - Railway Camera Video System MULTICAM


RailCam Live model railway railroad train camera multicamera

Single Camera Tunnel Camera



Model railway video camera wireless

Have up to 4 cameras on your layout!

You can always add cameras later but if you want to have a multi camera system from the offset you can get it here. Remember you can't at present have more than 4 cameras of either type working at once on the layout but you can have any combination, be it 4 RailCam cameras, 4 Tunnel RailCam cameras or a combination such as 2 of each type. No more than 4 in total though!


You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 cameras using the drop down menus right. Choose any combination of RailCam and TunnelCam camera units


With the multi camera system we highly recommend using it with Railcam Live Monitor as this is capable of receiving the feeds from all 4 cameras and hence is easy to use and the only receiver required.




Multiple RailCam Live Video Cameras

Multiple RailCam Cam charger/power supply

Choice of receiver, TV or RailCam Viewer

1 x RailCam Instructions

£299.99 + P&P


RailCam 1:

RailCam 2:

RailCam 3:

RailCam 4:


Receiver Type:







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