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NB: Videos compressed for internet streaming. Original videos look crisp and clear.

46Kam Bike Cameras Flash Video

Motorcycle camera, bike cameras by 46Kam

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Bike Camera Video

Featured Bike Camera Video


Motorcycle Camera over Mountain @ IOM TT.


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Bike Cameras Video Vault

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Bike Camera Video
Bike Camera Video
Bike Camera Video
Bike Camera Video - Bike Cam
Bike Camera Video - Bike Cam

Bike Camera - Mountain IOM TT

Donnington Park - Bike Camera

Side Car Cam - Team NCR

On Bike Camera - Multicam demo

Bike Camera - Superbike School


Old Favourites


Bike Camera Crash - Cadwell Park

Bike Camera Video - Bike Cam

Bike cam video - Cadwell Park

Bike camera video - Brands Hatch

Bike Camera Crash - Cadwell

Bike Camera - rideout on GSXR

Bikecam Trackday - Cadwell Park

Bike Cam - Brands Narrated Lap




The videos above were filmed using a 46Kam Bike Camera or using one of our Bike Camera Packages


Thanks to everyone who have sent us their bike videos for display here in the vault, we really couldn't do it without you! If you have some footage we can use on the site please visit and upload your video footage via the webpage. Once complete simply email us the download link it gives you!

If we use your video we'll send you a free T Shirt and sticker pack!

4Kam - Bike camera and motorcycle cam videos.


46Kam Bike Cameras Setup Guide


Bike Camera Mounting


First things first. where should you mount your bike camera? Well you could go for a helmet camera style position or mount it on the bike itself. Suction mounts are usually the best way to attach the camera as they will adhere to any glossy surface (be it your helmet or bike fairing's) and can easily be moved and repositioned to get the best angles. There are a number of other mounts available too including velcro options but the suction mounts tend to be the most popular.

  • - Helmet mounted - If you are looking to get a POV perspective then the helmet cam position is best and can really make for interesting video. We recommend you have the camera on the left or right of the helmet, you can have it on the top too but the camera will probably be get covered up when you open your visor.

  • - Bike mounted - There are a wide variety of options here but under the headlight seems the most logical place. This will give you a good view up the road and is not so obvious should the rozzers pull you up... You can also mount the camera in an air intake, on the front fork or anywhere else on the bike fairing's, just ensure it has a clear view up the road!


Bike Camera Power


Now your new bike camera is in position it will need some power. The camera comes supplied with a battery box to take 8 x AA batteries, with good batteries this should run the camera for around 8 hours.


If you are looking to upgrade from the above then you could power the camera directly from the bike using the 12v Pickup Cable. This can be used to tap into a 12v supply anywhere on the bike (lights tend to be the easiest), and will run the camera indefinitely. If you wish to wire it directly to the battery however or anywhere else with an unregulated supply we do advise fitting a 12v regulator to avoid any potential damage to the camera.


If you don't fancy using the 12v supply from the bike electrics but want an alternative to Duracell style batteries then the mini XPower lithium battery may be ideal. Its rechargeable, smaller and lighter than the conventional batteries, has an on/off switch and will work out cheaper over a season too.



Bike Camera Recorder


The bike camera itself is only part of the equation. It acts as the 'eye' to your on-bike videos, the recording itself needs to be saved somewhere. Any device with an AV-input will work as a recorder, many camcorders offer this as well as number of digital video recorders (DVR's). The latest versions of DVR are 'solid state', these have no moving parts and are therefore much more tolerant of shocks and vibration. We offer range of solid state DVR devices which can be seen here.


The recorder can be kept where ever you find easiest on the bike, a tank bag or under the rear seat seem to be ideal. If you are wanting a helmet cam perspective then always mount the recorder on your person as wiring yourself to the bike is not what we recommend! The small solid state DVR's are best for this as being they can easily be slipped into your pocket.


If you are looking to purchase an all-inclusive bike camera 'kit' then check out our range of Bike Camera Action Ready Packages.



We hope this guide has helped you understand the setup of a bike camera a little more, if you need further tips or help just drop us an email.




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