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What are the dimensions of the camera?

Our cameras measure 62mm x 23mm diameter.


Do I need a separate recording device?

Yes. If you have a camcorder or other recorder with av-in then you already have a compatible recording device. If you don't then why not consider one of our 'Action Ready Packages™' which include a digital video recorder.


What is the difference between 4Kam and 46Kam?

The graphics! 46Kam is our special edition cam for motorbikers. Both are based on the same high quality camera and will perform in the same way.



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I've followed the instructions and plugged everything together but I can't see an image on my DVR, please help!

The most likely problem is batteries the first thing to do is try a new set. If that doesn't help try rolling the batteries around in the holder and also try pressing down on the battery clip to rectify any bad connection. Check all cable connections follow those shown in the setup diagram and that they are all tight.


I've got one of your cameras but the picture has changed from when I started using it?

The battery you are using is low on power. Try replacing it with a new one, we recommend Duracell M3 batteries.


The image on my 4K DVR was great but now it's disappeared?

- The most likely problem is the power supply, try replacing the batteries and ensure the contacts are sound.

- If you are happy with the power supply double check the connections between the camera and 4K DVR, they should all be a tight fit. If this doesn't help then there is a quick test you can do which just checks the 4K DVR and AV cable.

Connect the yellow, red and white plugs on the AV cable to the back of a DVD player. Set the DVD playing then use the 4K DVR as normal. If it is working correctly you should see the film from the DVD on the screen of your 4K DVR.

If you think you may have damaged the video AV cable by either twisting or kinking it when in use try a replacement av cable.


I think there might be something wrong with my microphone as I can't hear any sound on my recording, can you help?

Some microphones supplied with our cameras are designed to handle the sound of high revving engines without distortion. Because of this the microphone may not be able to pickup quieter sounds such as talking or similar for this try our High Gain Microphone.


The sound on my videos is distorted.

If you are recording high a revving engine or other loud audio then the microphone you have may be too sensitive. Our Power Microphone will most likely solve your distortion problems.


Will the videos I record on my DVR be good quality like those you make for TV?

Yes we sell the same equipment to you as we use to make TV shows so you will get excellent quality 'as seen on TV'!


The suction mounts that came appear to be the wrong size and won't fit over the camera?

Dip the loop part of the suction mount into a beaker of hot water for around 30 seconds, this will make the plastic more pliable. You will now find they slide over the camera body much more easily.


Can I extend the cable between my camera and the recorder/battery pack?

Yes, our booster pack is what you need.


Can I connect the camera up to the 12v supply on my vehicle?

Yes, our 12v cable will help you do that.


Have you got any 4Kam stickers?

Yes we do, check out the most popular ones here. If you need specific sizes please email us.


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What are the Terms of Purchase?

You will need to agree to our Terms of Purchase at the checkout but you can read them here first should you so desire. Terms of Purchase


I think I may have a market to sell 4Kam cameras, could I become a dealer?

Yes, we are always on the look out for new outlets for 4Kam and already have a number of agents around the world, please contact us with details of the opportunity and your potential market.


If your question has not been answered by the above please contact us.


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