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DV4 Evo Solid State Video Recorder - DVD Quality


The DV4 Evo solid state Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the sucessor to our original DV4 model and has been used by everyone including the McLaren and Red Bull F1 teams. The DV4 Evo can record in four different resolutions including DVD Quality, is fitted with a built in monitor and has the ability to start a recording remotely. The DV4 is ideal for use with any camera in the range.



£289.99 + P&P

Solid state video recorder - 4Kam DV4


If you are looking for a complete filming package that includes the DV4, a camera, and mic then checkout those available here.





The DV4 Evo builds on the success of our previous DVRs and includes the extra functionality our customers have asked for. The following table helps list some of the main features.


DV4 Evo Key Features


   Records video and audio directly from mini bullet cam and mic.
DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Solid State
   No moving parts means no problems with vibration or shocks.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Built-in Monitor
   LCD display - vital for camera setup and playback.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Remote Start
   Start and stop the recording remotely using the wired control.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

PowerStart Enabled
  Automatically start recording when you turn the ignition key on your car or bike using PowerStart.
DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Multi Resolution
   Choice of recording resolution settings including SuperHR 720x576.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Loop Recording
   Ability to record continuously on a loop. Once the memory is full it records over the oldest videos.
DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder
Small and Light
   Small enough to fit inside a packet of cigarettes. Weight just 80g with battery.
DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

EcoPower Battery
   EcoPower allows the DV4 to run for over 4 hours on one charge.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

4GB Memory
   Included 4GB memory will give you 3 hours of DVD quality footage and is ready to use out of the box.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Expandable Memory
   Record for even longer using additional micro memory cards.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

12v Hookup Ready
   Can be powered directly from your car or bike whilst on the move.
DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder
Connect Enabled
  Let the DVR power the camera too when using a connect camera.
DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder

Multi Playback
Choice of playback functions including TV-Out, PC and on-location.

DV3 Helmet Camera Solid State Recorder


If you don't yet have a camera then checkout our selection of Action Ready Package which include everything you need to get started.



Specification Solid State Recorder - Shock ProofTakes Mini SD memory cardsUSB connectionK Lock - Mode Protection


Solid State
The 4K DV4 has no moving parts which makes it more reliable than camcorders or hard drive recorders when subjected to shocks or vibrations. Excessive movement suffered by mechanical devices can lead to a recording being lost or could even cause damage to unit itself.



Our cameras connect to the DV4 via the av-in socket. There is a choice of 4 recording resolutions including:

DVD Resolution: 720X576. Recording time:45 mins per 1GB

Web Resolution: 320X240. Recording time: 2 hours per 1GB

DVD resolution is great for quality recordings that you want to play back on a large TV screen or burn later onto DVD. The Web Resolution setting is ideal for use on your website or uploading the video to YouTube.



Activating the Recording

The DV4 has three methods of activation (power on/off and start/stop video recording):

Recorder activation


using the buttons on the DVR itself.

Remote activation


using the wired remote control.

PowerStart activation




automatic startup and record controlled by your vehicles ignition system.

In order to use the PowerStart activation facility on the DV4 you will need a 12v Connector to wire into your car/bike electrics and the DV4 5v adapter. Alternatively if you have a cigar power socket on the vehicle you can get our Car Cigar Adapter.


Using one of these adapters when the DV4 is in PowerStart mode will mean the DV4 starts up and begins recording automatically as soon as it receives a live power feed. When the power feed is turned off the DV4 will stop recording and shut down. Use of a power adapter will also allow you to charge the DVR on the move and therefore record indefinitely.




Video is recorded at a high frame rate of up to 30fps and is saved into the recorders memory. This memory is also expandable with extra high speed memory cards should you wish to record for longer.


The built in colour monitor (2 x 1.5 inch) makes the 4Kam easy to set up as you can see what the camera sees. Being small enough to fit inside a packet of cigarettes (78 X 55 X 20mm) and extremely light (80g), the DV4 can easily be slipped into your pocket or bag.


DV4 Evo Helmet Camera DVR compared to a coin.

DV4 Evo - Small, powerful and stealthy!


Once you have recorded the footage there are a number of playback options.

  • DVR. You can easily watch back the footage while still at the event on the recorder itself. Video selection, fast forward, rewind play and pause are just some of the functions built in.
  • TV. The recorder can easily be connected up to a TV for playback using the av cable supplied.
  • PC. The video can easily be uploaded to your computer via the USB cable. From there you can edit it, play it or even upload it to the internet!



The Kit
The DV4 Evo comes complete with 4GB of memory, remote control, battery pack, wall charger, A/V cable, USB cable and user guide.


DV4 Solid State Video Recorder. Super High Resolution


Customer Quotes


"The unit's been great for my trackdays"

G. Skinner


"Thanks for your advice, the power start function is just what I needed."

R. Hobkirk


"Absolutely impressed with it, my video footage is so smoooth even at full tv size."

M. Bennett


"I had the dv3 model and was extremely happy but the DV4 is really something else the quality is stunning, I wouldn't have believed it from something so small. Thanks for adding the remote control too, you guys just think of everything!"

S. Wilson




DV4 Accessories and Replacement Parts


We have a range of spares and accessories available for the DV4 and our other DVRs here.


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