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Inspection Cameras > Pole Inspection Camera

Telescopic roof inspection camera

Telescopic Inspection Camera.




roof inspection camera





PoleKam - Lightweight Telescopic Survey Cameras

- Time and cost effective.


Telescopic inspection cameras are becoming more and more popular in many industries for tasks such as roof and building inspections, aerial photography, gutter cleaning, surveying or loss adjustment. The time saved by inspection with a telescopic camera system can be immense when added up over a years worth of jobs, it can also save on climbing ladders or even getting your hands dirty in some cases! It can also reduce the need for hiring costly scaffolding or inspection towers, the use of which are becoming more troublesome thanks to health & safety legislation.


Our Pole Camera systems work by relaying a live image from the camera unit on top of the pole to a receiver monitor down below. This live image allows the user to inspect the area of interest and to decipher whether or not any further action is necessary. In some you cases you may be required to take still photos or make a video recording of the inspection footage from the pole camera to show colleagues or perhaps a client. Our systems also allow images and video footage to be copied when on location so that it can be sent electronically back to the office (when used with a laptop, iPad or Blackberry etc).


We currently offer two levels of system. Firstly our PK Pro series, a range of complete inspection camera system with a dedicated receiver monitor. The second is PK WIFI which is a more cost effective package for lighter use and is designed to be used alongside your own smart phone.


The PK Pro series includes Night Vision and HD camera options alongside the standard kits. We have tried to design packages to meet the majority of user requests which you can find by browsing below but if you have a particular request or would just like further information then please get in touch.


Systems that can be supplied are suitable for uses such as:


- Telescopic Pole Cameras

- Roof Inspection Cameras

- Low Level Aerial Photography Camera

- Gutter Inspection Cameras


Saves time, cuts costs and slashes red tape in health and safety. Ideal for building contractors, building surveyors, estate agent photographers, insurance loss adjusters and cleaning professionals. As recommended by many of the UK's biggest claims management companies. Discounts are available for multiple purchases, please contact us.


pole camera wireless pole camera viewing pole camera on monitor

Expertly demonstrated by Kevin at New City Cleaning


PK Associates


By owning a PoleKam you can become a member of PK Associates. This is a database of professionals that own and use telescopic survey cameras for anything from roof inspections to low level aerial photography.


Membership is a great way to grow your business as it gives you access to leads for work and jobs that require the use of a pole camera and these are designated by area. If you would like to join simply email us stating the areas you are likely to accept work in along with details of your original order. email: pkfmembership@polekam.com


Membership is also open to users of other systems but will incur a joining fee of £249.




8m roof inspection camera system.

What can you expect from PK Pro?


- Wireless inspection camera - no wires!


- Live view monitor shows you what camera sees


- Take photos and record video


- Optional time/date stamp


- Expandable memory with KamKard memory slot


- Range of pole lengths extendable to 8m (Packs to 1.2m)


- Reach levels of up to 10m (for users of 5ft 10in and taller)


- Quick to setup (less than 2 mins for experienced users)


- Lightweight - less than 3kg for the complete kit


- Very portable and easy to transport


- Night Vision and High Definition options.


8m telescopic camera inspection cam

PK Inspection Camera Video Samples

Wireless pole camera demo with gutter vac

PK Pro telescopic roof inspection cam demo video



PK Inspection Camera Photo Samples

Photo from wireless roof inspection pole camera
Photo from wireless loft inspection pole camera

PoleKam Pro - Roof Inspection

PoleKam Pro NV - Loft inspection


Pro Series Telescopic Inspection Camera Packages

Our Pro Series packages include all the video components necessary to create a working inspection camera kit. If you don't choose to purchase one of our poles then a mount will be included with the camera which can clamp onto your own pole (eg brodex).


PoleKam Pro - Wireless Full Colour Inspection Camera System    

PK2 wireless pole inspection camera

Wireless inspection camera




wireless monitor for roof inspection pole camera

Wireless monitor receiver



Our best selling kit. A lightweight wireless camera with its own internal battery transmits live video back to the receiving monitor. This video can be viewed in real time on the TFT screen and also be recorded if required.


Photograph and Video Function. Recorded files can be viewed on the wireless monitor or if using digital media (memory card) the card can be removed and viewed on a laptop, iPad/tablet, be recorded to DVD or simply be given directly the the client. The system has an optional time/date stamp overlay on recordings which can be required for insurance purposes.



Live video feed

Video recording facility

Take photograph facility

Optional time/date stamp

Distributable recording media

Wireless connectivity


Kit Includes:

PK Pro Wireless camera unit (60g)

PK3 Wireless receiving monitor/recorder.


Setup instructions

+ free membership of PK Associates.


Since its launch PoleKam Pro has become the UK's best selling high level inspection camera system. It has been purchased by a variety of well known blue chip companies as well as building firms, cleaning businesses and a wide variety of sole traders.


+ P&P


Pole Reach Required





PoleKam Pro NightVision - Wireless Inspection Camera System    

PK-NV. wireless pole inspection camera with Night Vision

NightVision inspection camera



wireless monitor for loft inspection pole camera

Wireless monitor receiver




Telescopic camera loft inspection.

PK-NV inside loft


Like the PoleKam Pro above but with the additional benefit of Night Vision. The PK-NV uses infrared technology to see in the dark and can be used in 'pitch black' conditions (see loft photo above).


During the day and in lit areas the PK-NV performs in full colour and works exactly like the standard PK Pro system but the PK-NV can also be used in low light and darkness conditions. When used in the dark the image is displayed in black and white, this is to enable clear and crisp images to be beamed back so that details are plain to see.



Works day and night

Live video feed

Video recording facility

Take photograph facility

Optional time/date stamp

Distributable recording media

Wireless connectivity


Kit Includes:

PK-NV Wireless camera unit (145g)

PK3 Wireless receiving monitor/recorder.


Setup instructions

+ free membership of PK Associates.

The PK-NV is popular with building inspectors wishing to view inside loft areas and other tradesmen wishing to see inside hard to reach areas. Our telescopic camera pole can also be horizontally so can fit between the joists under a flat roof as shown below.


Telescopic camera loft inspection 2


The PK-NV system is also used by organisations such as London Transport who need to carry out infrastructure inspections in darkness.


+ P&P


Pole Reach Required






PoleKam Pro HD - Super Hi-Res Pole Inspection Camera

PK-HD. wireless roof inspection camera.

The newest addition to the PoleKam range is the PK-HD camera module. The PK-HD is capable of taking very high quality video and images.


While the normal PK system can produce very acceptable imagery (see above) the PK-HD module takes it a step further.


The PoleKam HD camera module is effectively an 'add-on' camera to the standard PoleKam Pro system above. It is available as part of a complete pole camera system and also as and upgrade part for users of existing PK systems.


Examples of what can be achieved with the PK-HD module can be seen below.




PK-HD Sample Image



Broken Welding on roof seem of Industrial Building

Telescopic camera arial photo
Telescopic camera arial photo zoom



Other images

Telescopic inspection camera photo.
Telescopic roof inspection camera photo.



PoleKam Pro HD - Wireless Hi-Res Inspection Camera System  

PK-HD. wireless roof inspection camera.

PK-HD inspection camera




wireless monitor for loft inspection telescopic camera

Wireless monitor receiver















The PoleKam HD is identical to the regular PoleKam system but with the additional PK-HD camera module. This allows for the recording of HD video and in turn Hi-Res photographs.


The operation also mirrors that of the PK Pro system. The only difference being that the PK-HD camera module is simply set to record at the beginning of the inspection and turned off at the end.


The PK-HD camera which is mounted alongside the PoleKam Pro model will continually record HD video throughout the survey or inspection and save it to an internal memory card. This footage can then be viewed using the supplied software and high resolution photographs can be produced from any part of the video at the click of a button. There is no limit to the number of photographs that can be taken from the video.





Record HD Video and Hi-Res Photos

Live video feed

Video recording facility

Take photograph facility

Optional time/date stamp

Distributable recording media

Wireless connectivity


Kit Includes:

PK Pro Wireless Cam w/HD Cam Module (115g)

PK3 Wireless receiving monitor/recorder.


Setup instructions

Built in memory

+ free membership of PK Associates.

The PK-HD is recommended for users who need high detail and clarity from their inspection images and video. It is popular with claims management companies capturing building damage and County Councils who carry out regular safety inspections of local assets.



+ P&P


Pole Reach Required





PoleKam Pro HD Camera Module - Upgrade Set  

HD wireless pole inspection camera with

PK-HD Upgrade Camera



Upgrade your PoleKam system to PK-HD.


Set includes parts required to upgrade an existing PoleKam inspection camera system to HD quality.


The PK-HD camera module mounts onto the side of the PK3 camera unit in its own self adhesive mount.



Simple 'add-on' to existing PK systems

Record HD Video and Hi-Res Photos


Set Includes:

PK-HD Cam Module (55g)

PK-HD Mount


Setup instructions

Built in memory


+ P&P






PoleKam WIFI


Want to use your smart phone to receive images from the PoleKam camera? This is now possible with PK WIFI!


PK WIFI relies on the your WIFI enabled smart phone or tablet and uses a special App. This is free and available for both Apple and Android devices and enables the live image from the camera to be seen on your device. It's very similar to our Pro systems above but allows you to use a product you already have hence giving a cost saving.




PoleKam WIFI - Full Colour WIFI Inspection Camera System    

PK2 wireless pole inspection camera

WIFI inspection camera









Our latest inspection camera kit. A lightweight WIFI camera with its own internal battery transmits live video back to your smart phone or similar device. The live video can be viewed in real time on your phone and also be recorded if required.


Using the free PK WIFI app you can take photos or record video which can then by viewed back on the phone or transfered to other devices. The system has an optional time/date stamp overlay on recordings which can be required for insurance purposes.



Live WIFI video feed

Video recording facility

Take photograph facility

Optional time/date stamp

WIFI connectivity


Kit Includes:

PK WIFI camera unit (60g)

Charger cable

Setup instructions

+ free membership of PK Associates.

Also required:

Smart phone or tablet with WIFI connectivity.




+ P&P


Pole Reach Required






Whats are the differences between PK WIFI and the PK Pro Series?


- The PK Pro Series systems are supplied with a dedicated receiver monitor and can therefore work without the need for any other devices. The Pro system provides its own wireless connection so does not need a WIFI network or mobile phone signal.


- PK WIFI relies a smart phone (not included) for use as a receiver and uses a WIFI signal to transmit the video.


- Speed

PK WIFI s a great piece of kit and in the most part is equivalent to our PK Pro kits above. Please note however that WIFI signals and strengths can vary depending on your location which can cause delays or pauses in the image reception. As the Pro Kits include a dedicated signal and receiver monitor these will provide you with a fast and consistent picture. PK Pro also has an instant connection every time you turn on whereas you will need to run a WIFI search each time with your smart phone before you can connect to the camera with the PK App.


- Ease of Use

Taking photos with a smart phones on screen app while operating the pole camera can be a little more tricky than using the dedicated photo button on the Pro Monitor. If you are using your phone to take calls and messages too then it could be dropped by accident. It is of course possible to drop the Pro Monitor too but in this unfortunate situation the PK Pro monitors are a more robust device than many smart phones and should the worst happen will be less expensive to replace too.


If you are buying a system for occasional use then the PK-WIFI should be ideal but if you or your employees are planning to use the system regularly it will probably be cost and time effective in the long run to go for the PK Pro as this is a dedicated system and will leave your smart phone free for its main purpose.




Pole Camera Accessories  
Telescopic Camera Pole    

Pole Camera Telescopic inspection pole

If you don't already have a pole to use with the inspection camera then we offer a range lightweight telescopic camera poles.


These are available in 4 reach lengths:

2 meters (6ft 5in)

5 meters (16ft)

8 metres (26 ft)

10 meters (33 ft)


The poles are available separately or as part of a camera package (above). Select your required height from the drop down menu.

The poles are made of a lightweight fibre composite with the largest section being the housing for all other poles in the series. A rubber end cap is supplied to keep the internal poles secure. All poles are no longer than 1.2m when collapsed and will fit into the vast majority or car boots.

From £49.99

+ P&P


Pole Reach Required








PK NightVision Camera  

PoleKam NightVision Inspection Camera

The PoleKam NightVision camera. This camera is available separately for those wishing to use their existing PK camera system in low light dusk conditions and at night.


Very capable of daylight working too the PK-NV camera simply mounts on the pole just as the standard camera does and will show up on your monitor in the same way. It can also be charged using the same equipment.


As well as the obvious advantage of filming in the dark the addition of a PK-NV camera to your kit can also double up as a very useful spare camera should your original run out of battery or similar during an inspection.


+ P&P







In-Car Charger  

In car cigar charger for inspection roof camera

In-car cigar charger for use in the car or van etc, ideal if you need to charge the kit up on the move.


Please select your model of PoleKam when ordering to ensure you receive the correct adapter.



+ P&P






Booster Battery  

Booster battery for inspection roof camera



If you are using the system for much of the day then you may find the booster battery handy.


Portable light-weight lithium ion battery, on a full charge will work all day long. Can be used to power the equipment on location or simply to charge them when you are away from a power socket.


Please select your model of PoleKam when ordering to ensure you receive the correct adapter.



+ P&P






PK Wall Charger  

Battery for roof inspection pole camera

Spare or replacement wall charger for use with the PoleKam systems. One wall charger is supplied with each camera system which can charge both the camera unit and monitor (but not at the same time).


An extra charger is ideal if you want to charge both units at once or would just like a spare.


+ P&P







PK Receiver Monitor Battery  

Battery for roof inspection pole camera

Replacement lithium battery for use with the PK Receiver Monitor. Ideal if you need to continue using your monitor when the power has run down and you haven't got time to recharge it.


Simply remove the battery in the monitor and replace with a fully charged spare one.


N.B. Only available for the wireless PK2 and PK3 monitor.



+ P&P







KamKard - PK Memory Card  

Memory Card for roof inspection pole camera

The PoleKam system can be used to take photos and videos of the imagery seen on the LiveView Monitor. To do this a memory card will be required and this slots into the underside of the monitor.


A number of cards are compatible and we currently offer two sizes, one card being capable of taking 200 photos, the other 2000 photos.


Remember too that the memory card can be quickly removed and used in other devices such as a laptop or iPad using the correct adapter.


Compatible with PK1, PK2 and PK3



+ P&P


Card Size:






PK2 Lanyard  

Lanyard for roof inspection pole camera

Handy protective lanyard for the PK monitor.


As the monitor is often hand held during use rather than being mounted on the pole it can be useful to have a safe place to keep it while concentrating on other matters during the site visit.


The lanyard can be worn around the neck and has a transparent holder attached which will keep the monitor safe and while still being usable.


Lanyard fits both variations of the monitor.


+ P&P







PK Pole Travel Bag  

Telescopic camera pole travel bag.

Travel bag for your telescopic camera pole.


Great bag for storing your pole in and to keep it protected during transportation. Keep your pole safe and dry.


Made from heavy duty nylon with drawstring closer. One size fits all.


+ P&P







PK Pole Replacement bung  

Pole Bung for roof inspection pole camera

Replacement rubber bung as supplied with the PoleKam Telescopic Poles.


If you need a spare or have misplaced your own this part is essential for keeping your pole in check!





+ P&P








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