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We love to see what you get upto with our cameras so really encourage you to post your videos online. If you have got an interesting video that you don't mind showing off then let us know and we'll send you free T Shirt, simple!


There are 2 ways to show your footage off, if you have a YouTube account then that is normally the best method, just upload it, add the relevant tags (see below) and email us a link to the videos. If you're not that familar with YouTube and would just preffer send us some of your un-edited videos then thats great too!



YouTube your video


YouTube is a great resource for uploading your videos to a global audience. If you are not a member sign up now for free at


Once your video is uploaded add '4Kam' or '46Kam' to your video title or descripton and email us a link to it on YouTube. You can also add tags to your video.

- YouTube Tags

Tags on YouTube are effectively words to help YouTube users find videos they want to watch. Tag your video correctly and your videos could be seen by thousands! If a YouTube user likes one of your videos they may watch some of the others too. The more people that watch your videos, the more popular your 'channel' is. This is handy for promoting sponsors, your team or your talent...or its just nice to have the knowledge people like your videos!


To add tags:

Its easiest to add them during the upload of your video in the 'Tags' section (under Title and Description) but you can also add tags after your video is uploaded.


If you are logged in to your account there is a section on the page of each video that says: 'Video Owner Options' Under this click 'Edit Video'


Now a 'Video Information' page apears and there is a section called 'Tags'. In the tags area you could write the words:


Rally car onboard video escort mk2 in car camera crash accident 4kam




motorcycle video gsxr suzuki tt course iom onboard bike footage 46kam


depending on what the video was about! This will help people searching for similar things find your videos!


Don't forget tag your video with 4Kam or 46Kam!



Send us your video


If you would like to send us your unedited videos then you can do this in one of two ways:


1. Go to and upload your video directly. Once complete email us the download link it gives you.

2. Pop your videos on a CD or DVD and post them to us at:


'Video Team'

4K Sport UK

Colliers Street Works

Colliers Street






Don't forget to Include your name and contact details!



And finally...


Which ever method you use don't forget to let us know what size of T Shirt you would like!






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