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Bike Cameras


Our Bike Camera collection is in two parts.

- 46Kam camera equipment for racing, trackdays and touring.

- 4K VU camera equipment for ride safety.


46Kam Bike Camera Range


The only truly customizable bike camera system. Used on TV and at the TT. Need we say more!


Motorcycle Bullet Cameras

Just want a camera? Choose our standard or wide angle 46Kam bike camera.

- 46Kam Bullet Bike Camera

- 46Kam Wide Bullet Bike Camera


Complete Bike Camera Packages

These are complete, 'action ready' bike camera packages with DVR (digital video recorder) designed with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cameras. All equipment can be powered from the bike if desired.

- 46Kam Single Camera Bike Package

- 46Kam Dual Camera Bike Package

- 46Kam Multi Camera Bike Package





Motorcycle Safety from 4K VU

Special bike camera equipment requested by previous customers and designed for safety.

- Bike Amigo - Motorcycle Blackbox Ride Recorder

- Bike Eye - Motorbike Rearview Camera



















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