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4Kam Pro Bullet Camera

Helmet Camera - 4Kam Bullet Cam

£99 + P&P


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Bullet Cam - 4Kam Helmet Camera

- Bullet Cam Action



4Kam Helmet Camera size compared to 2p coin.

4Kam Bullet Camera




4Kam Bullet Camera


4Kam is our number one all action sports camera. Designed with the help of extreme sports enthusiasts 4Kam can cope with the toughest of conditions. It's light enough to mount on your helmet yet strong enough to fight its way through a forest on a chain stay! The film quality is good too - 4Kam cameras are chosen by professionals and used in TV productions televised worldwide.


Our cameras have proved popular with racing drivers, cyclists, snow boarders and skydivers alike so whatever sport you do, be sure to take a 4Kam! Each 4Kam kit comes complete with a 4Kam Sports Camera, setup instructions, mounting kit, battery connection, stickers and a FREE Mic Kit !






Viewing Angle:

82 degrees




Length 62mm, Diameter 23mm.



Running time:

8 hours (using 12v power pack)


Indefinite (If using 12v power cable)








This camera is supplied for use with your own viewing monitor or recording device such as a digital video recorder or camcorder.


If you require a complete camera system that includes a recording device too then our ARP packages will be most suitable for you. These are complete, 'ready to use' filming packages where everything you need is included. A wide variety are available including sport specific kits.



Customer Quotes

"Fantastic piece of kit!"

Simon Baggett - 4Kam Bullet Camera


"Love the product, I have tried many and none of them match up to the 4Kam."

Steven Purves - 4Kam Bullet Camera


"I must take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the camera itself. The quality of the picture from it is nothing short of fantastic."

James Nicholas, JRN Engines - 4Kam Bullet Camera


4Kam Store > Bullet Cameras > 4Kam HD  

46Kam WIDE Motorcycle camera


- 4Kam HD 1080p Bullet Cam











4Kam HD is the ultimate bullet camera in terms of picture quality. Similar in design to the standard 4Kam but packing the punch of HD resolution at a full 1080p


The outer shell is cast from lightweight alloy giving the camera a tough but slimline finish. Its compatible with all our mounting options and also features and 1/4" tripod thread.


Due to the nature of the technology the 4Kam HD must be paired with a HD recording device. Our DV4 HD digital video recorder offers this and is available as a complete package here - 4Kam Pro HD





1080p HD


Length 65mm, Diameter 23mm.



Running time:

1.5 hours (using DVR power pack)


Indefinite (If using 12v Power Kit)


£149 + P&P







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