46Kam Pro Bike Camera

Bike Camera - 46Kam Motorcycle Cam

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46Kam Bike Camera



Bike Camera - 46Kam Motorcycle Cam

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46Kam Bike Camera size compared to 2p coin.

- 46Kam Bike Camera




Whether you are a racer yourself or maybe ride an R1 of a weekend, with a 46Kam bike camera it's never been easier or more affordable to capture the action. Our cameras are used by both world class riders (left) to help improve lap times on the track and recreational motorcyclists too who want to capture a days riding or perhaps film the scenic roads of a weekend adventure.


For trackday riders the 46Kam bullet camera is 100% legal for use on on race circuits. They are so small and light that you can mount them pretty much anywhere on the bike and in most cases have them tucked away somewhere so its not an obvious add on! They are waterproof too and have been tested to speeds of over 200 mph so that should cover most of us riders!


46Kam has all the same great qualities of the 4Kam camera along with special edition graphics with a Rossi-esque design. The 46Kam comes complete with the 46Kam Bike Camera, setup instructions, mounting kit, battery connection, FREE Mic Kit and FREE stickers!









Length 62mm, Diameter 23mm.



Running time:

8 hours (using 12v power pack)


Indefinite (If using 12v power cable)





This camera is supplied for use with your own viewing monitor or recording device such as a digital video recorder or camcorder.


If you require a complete camera system that includes a recording device too then our Motorcycle Camera ARP packages will be most suitable for you. These are complete, 'ready to use' filming packages where everything you need is included. See our range here:

Complete Motorcycle Camera and Recorder Packages


Customer Quotes  


"Certainly can't fault your service and I've no hesitation in recommending your kits"

Mark Barron, R1 Rider - 46Kam Bike Camera


"Thanks for getting out my order so fast i have to say wow fantastic bit of kit."

Kevin Underhill, GSXR Rider - 46Kam Bike Camera


"The footage quality is fantastic, I’m very pleased with it"

Brian Currie, T Mobile - 46Kam Bike Camera


Bike Cameras used by MCN

"The video is good and we like the size of it!"

46Kam Bike Cameras are used by Motorcycle News


Also available:


Bike Cameras > 46Kam WIDE


46Kam WIDE Motorcycle camera


- 46Kam WIDE Bike Camera




The 46Kam WIDE is a great update to our standard 46Kam above. Looks just the same and ultimately built to the same specification but with the adition of a super wide angle lens you can capture even more of the action as you ride.


The standard 46Kam motorcycle camera above is the best camera for normal 'up the road' style shots but if you want to capture the dials on the dash, the suspension movement on the bike or maybe a shot of your backside taking the turn like the cameras in MotoGP then the 46Kam WIDE is the best solution.


Don't forget we offer a switch unit so you can actually run with 2 cameras on the bike, in which case one of each style is ideal!


£99 + P&P











Bike Cameras > 46Kam HD  

46Kam WIDE Motorcycle camera


- 46Kam HD 1080p Bike Cam











46Kam HD is the ultimate onboard bike camera. Similar in design to the standard 46Kam but packing the punch of HD resolution at a full 1080p


The outer shell is cast from lightweight alloy giving the camera a tough but slimline finish. Its compatible with all our mounting options and also features and 1/4" tripod thread.


Due to the nature of the technology the 46Kam HD must be paired with a HD recording device. Our DV4 HD digital video recorder offers this and is available as a complete package here - 46Kam Pro HD





1080p HD


Length 65mm, Diameter 23mm.



Running time:

1.5 hours (using DVR power pack)


Indefinite (If using Bike Power Kit)


£149 + P&P







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